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You will have lost 50 lbs by next Friday


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Nothing without can harm usOur worst enemies are within.
Yeslove within our bosomsInto our distrusts and unsatisfied desires they enterand tempt us to evil.
Truetruesaid Clairein an abstracted mannerand as if speaking to himself.
What more do we want to make us happy asked Edithcomprehending still more clearly her husbands state of mind.
Claire sighed deeplybut made no answer.
More could not do itshe added.
would procure us many comforts that we do not now possesssaid the young man.
I doubt thisEdwardIt might give more of the elegancies of life butas I have often saidthese do not always produce corresponding pleasureIf they comewithout too ardent seekingin the good pleasure of Providenceas the reward of useful and honest labourthen they may increase the delights of life but never otherwiseIf the heart is set on themtheir acquirement will surely end in disappointmentPossession will create satiety and the mind too quickly turns from the good it has toiled for in hope so longto fret itself because there is an imagined higher good beyondBelieve meEdwardif we are not satisfied with what God gives us as the reward of useful toil todaywe will not be satisfied with what he gives tomorrow.
Perhaps you are rightEdith I believe you areMy mind has a glimpse of the truthbut to fully realize it is AhI wish that I possessed more of your trusting spirit
We are both cared forEdwardby the same infinite lovecared forwhether we doubt and fearor trust confidingly.
It must be soI see it nowI feel it nowsee it and feel it in the light of your clearer intuitionsAhhow different from this pure faith is the faith of the world Men worship gold as their god they trust only in riches.
And their god is ever mocking themToday he smiles upon his votaryand tomorrow hides his face in darknessToday he gives full coffersthat are empty tomorrowBut the true riches offered so ly to all by the living God are blessed both in the getting and in the keepingThese never produce satietynever take to themselves gsGood affections and true thoughts continually nourish and recreate the mindThey are the souls wealththe perennial fountains of all true enjoymentWith theseand sufficient for the bodys health and comfortall may be happy without themthe riches of the world have no power to satisfy.
A pause ensuedduring which the minds of both wandered back a little.
If you feelsaid Edithrecalling the words of her husbandthat there is danger in remaining where you are
That was hastily spokenEdward Claire interrupted his wifeand in a moment of weaknessI must resist the evil that assaults meI must strive with and overcome the tempterI must think less of this world and its riches and in my thoughts place a higher value upon the riches without gs of which you have spoken to me so often.
Can you remain where you areand be out of danger asked Edith.
There is danger everywhere.
Ay but in some positions more imminent dangerIs it well to court temptation
Perhaps notBut I cannot afford to give up my place with Jasper.
Yetwhile remainingyou will be strongly tempted.
Jasper is dishonest at heartHe is ever trying to overreach in dealingand expects every one in his employment to be as keen as himself.
OhEdwarddo not remain with him a day longer There is to the spirit in the very atmosphere around such a manYou cannot serve such a masterand be true to yourself and to GodIt is impossible.
I believe you are right in thatEdith I know you are rightsaid the young manwith a strong emphasis on the last sentenceBut what am I to do Five s a year is little enough for our wants I haveas you knowbeen dissatisfied with thatI can ly get as much in another situationI know of but one openingand that is with Melleville.


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