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Pocket Hits
All-American Despair. The Case for Caseless iPhones.
Why Specialization Can Be a Downside in Our Ever-Changing World
David Epstein’s new book, Range, explains the benefits of taking our time and learning by doing.
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7 Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes Hiring a Financial Advisor
Being aware of these 7 common blunders when choosing an advisor can help you find peace of mind, and avoid years of stress.
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Life Is a Video Game—Here Are the Cheat Codes
The goal of Life is simple: It is to Level Up as much as possible.
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A Stain on the Honor of the Navy
In acceding to a White House request to cover the name of the USS John S. McCain, officers and officials revealed a rot within the service.
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I’m a Veteran Without PTSD. I Used to Think Something Was Wrong With Me.
A few years ago, my husband, Chris, who survived four deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, was killed by an avalanche in Colorado. I am an Army veteran who was deployed to combat zones twice, in 2005 and 2008, without any serious lingering psychological ramifications.
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All-American Despair
For the past two decades, a suicide epidemic fueled by guns, poverty and isolation has swept across the West, with middle-aged men dying in record numbers.
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Google Just Gave 2 Billion Chrome Users A Reason To Switch To Firefox
People aren’t impressed. Many have complained about the move, which effectively takes control away from the user and creates an incentive to use other services instead.
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The Case for Caseless iPhones
Fanatics of case-free phones say it’s about design, but could it really be about status?
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How Qualcomm Shook down the Cell Phone Industry for Almost 20 Years
In 2005, Apple contacted Qualcomm as a potential supplier for modem chips in the first iPhone. Qualcomm's response was unusual: a letter demanding that Apple sign a patent licensing agreement before Qualcomm would even consider supplying chips.
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After the Retail Apocalypse, Prepare for the Property Tax Meltdown
Big-box retailers nationwide are slashing their property taxes through a legal loophole known as "dark store theory." For the towns that rely on that revenue, this could be a disaster.
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“I Got Mine”
Like college debt and climate change, the housing affordability crisis is generational warfare.
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