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IT Strategy Digest
Content from TechTarget's global network for CIOs and IT Leaders |May 31, 2017
MIT CIO Symposium 2017 elucidates the digital playbook
Linda Tucci, Senior Executive Editor
IT leaders speaking at the 2017 MIT Sloan Symposium revealed that a digital playbook is taking shape with elements that transcend industry, company size and age. (

IT startup companies seek product advice from CIOs
A number of the companies participating in the MIT CIO conference's Innovation Showcase can point to CIOs as important sources of technology direction and product evolution. (

The Roomba is an early use case for cloud robotics
Read how iRobot is making a play for the smart home and is using cutting-edge cloud robotics technology to do so. (


Not investing in cybersecurity has 'inverse ROI'
This month's WannaCry attack clearly shows the cost of skimping on cybersecurity. Unfortunately, the ROI for ample IT security is not as transparent for some companies, MIT's Michael Siegel explains. (


The CIO's role in IT's digital transformation journey
Matt Griffiths, CIO at Stanley Black & Decker Industrial, offers advice on the mistakes that CIOs should avoid during their digital transformation journey. (

A CIO becomes a cloud enthusiast and outgrows his mentors
Want to get a sense of how much CIO roles and responsibilities have changed? Try explaining your cloud strategy to your IT mentors. (
Don't let impostor syndrome hold you back
Lots of accomplished people feel like frauds -- and that can get in the way of success. Rackspace's Major Hayden shares his experience and the tools to move on. (
Cyber czar says government will manage IT like an enterprise does
Trump administration "cyber czar" Rob Joyce outlined how the government plans to combat cybersecurity gaps at an event in Boston. (
CIO doesn't play chief digital officer role at GE
The domain of the chief digital officer role should be commercial products, according to General Electric's IT chief, while the CIO keeps operations running smoothly. (
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