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It Works! That's what they say..
By Kurie, California, Dec 19, 2018 Verified Reviewer
I am recommending Quantum vision to all my friends. Initially,
I have found some discrepancy on Quantum’s website and requested a refund.
It was paid in four days. Yet I felt somewhat confident about
recommended exercises and decided to continue.Please visit this site >> agree with Quantum that sunglasses are not at all necessary,
contrary to what industry is trying to convince us.

I am often in Egypt. It is much warmer in Egypt, especially in the summer, and the sun is surely brighter, with all its UV, HV and all other V-s much higher than in California.
Yet, there are many people over 90 and 100 in Egypt who have never used sunglasses and still have a good vision.
Please visit this site >> stopped using my tinted prescription glasses during my morning hikes in the mountains and when driving.
I am no longer using glasses at home, except when I am writing.
And I feel much better without them.

I was doing Quantum exercises for about four weeks, and then I have surprised my optometrist with a normal eyes’ pressure (it was higher than normal in the past).
Also, my eyes didn’t get worse, which is often happening in older age, and I am 79. What is important to note that exercises feel very right,
especially Acupuncture and Hydration.
Kelly P. Schlemmer

=Amazing and Profitable Idea=

Kelly P. Schlemmer
4614 Wayside Lane
Walnut Creek, CA 94597


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