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DaniWeb is designed, developed, and maintained by a small team consisting of myself (Dani), James, our systems administrator, and Davey, our community manager. I have been working fulltime, largely behind-the-scenes, and often putting in 80+ hour weeks, ever since I was a teenager, to build DaniWeb into what it has grown into today. Servers are expensive, and all of our expenses are paid for out of my own pocket. We have no debt and have never taken any outside funding since our inception in 2002.

This website and its community have been both my livelihood as well as my passion project for more than half my life, and it warms my heart to see how many others out there it touches. If you have ever found DaniWeb helpful, useful, fun, a great learning experience, a place to meet, talk to and share ideas with smart, talented people, or has in some way enhanced your life over the past two decades, please help us out with a financial contribution.

Welcome to the May 2019 edition of the DaniWeb Digest

This month we are going to kick things off by asking you a question: are you making the most of what DaniWeb has to offer? It's a simple enough question, but the answer will probably depend very much upon your expectations of DaniWeb in the first place. So, maybe a better question would be what do you think of DaniWeb as actually being for? Do you think of DaniWeb as just being somewhere to ask for help, hopefully get that help and then leave until you need help again? Do you think of DaniWeb as being a community of coders, developers, designers and tech-savvy folk? Or maybe you think of DaniWeb more as a bunch of clever algorithms that can connect you with others who share your interests and geography, people who you might never have got to know otherwise? Before we attempt to answer that question, why not let us know your opinion in the community feedback forum? Just head over to the What does DaniWeb mean to you? post and share your thoughts with us.

OK, so the days of DaniWeb as a tech support 'Q&A' forum alone are long gone, along with most other standalone tech support Q&A forums truth be told. Which isn't to say that we don't provide that help for those of you who come here looking for it, of course we do. It's just that times and technologies change, online expectations evolve, and DaniWeb is evolving as well. The answer to that original what is DaniWeb question should really be that it's all the things mentioned above. All those things rolled into one easy to use and stupidly powerful platform. Rather than just provide an answer to a question posted in a forum, DaniWeb simplifies the process of finding and connecting with folk who are able to help you; folk who share your interests, who can mentor you or just be great company to hang out online with. Because DaniWeb also factors in your location, you can also connect with people who can help your business, or vice-versa, and meet up in real life to further this relationship. DaniWeb is everything that is always used to be, but no so much more as well. Of course, while our algorithms are really clever (and, indeed, patented) you still have to play your part to get the most of DaniWeb.

Here are three steps that will help you in this regard:

  1. Create a personalized profile and a virtual business card.

  2. Start making connections by letting our algorithms put you in touch with your kind of people. The people search feature makes this easy.

  3. Participate in private chats and public conversations to get and give help, build your online reputation and get better exposure to the wider community.

The ever-evolving DaniWeb home page

If you arrive at DaniWeb courtesy of a link provided as a result of a Google search, you might never encounter the DaniWeb home page. Indeed, it's quite possible that you didn't even know there was such a thing. That's OK, we really don't mind how you choose to navigate around DaniWeb and have provided plenty of options to make finding what you want easy for you. Those options include the hamburger menu at top left of the screen and the search function top center, to name but two. All of that said, we'd also really appreciate if you did click the DANIWEB logo and load up the home page at least once. Why? Because we'd like to know what you think of it as a landing page that brings lots of personalised information to your fingertips courtesy of a clever behind the scenes algorithm. As well as being able to create new posts and read your inbox messages, the home page acts as an overview of what is new on DaniWeb. The clever bit is that it only shows you what is new and in your particular areas of interest based upon your past activity on DaniWeb. This now includes the latest instant messages you have received as part of your home page feed. So, if you would be so kind to fire it up and take a look around that would be great; and then let us know what you think and if it could be improved by posting your thoughts in the Community Feedback section.

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