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Design News You Can Use from Texas Instruments
[ EMA Design Automation Logo ] ( ) [ ][ Autonomous Robots Reference Design ] (;245288333;l? ) AUTONOMOUS ROBOTICS WITH TI MMWAVE SENSORS
This design shows the functionality of an embedded robotic system where point-cloud data from the TI mmWave radar sensing is processed by the Sitara AM57x processor on a Robot Operating System (ROS).
View Design (;245288333;l? )
TI BLOGThank goodness for smart shelves
Check out our reference design for Electronic shelf labels (ESLs) to reduce the use of paper, and conserve printing costs, in favor of better store profitability and a better customer experience.
read article (;245288333;o? )
[ ] (;245288333;o? ) Accelerate Your Design Cycle with Texas InstrumentsQuickly find featured reference designs and products for your system design. Search TI's library of over 2,000 reference designs and 100,000+ devices.
Create cordless vacuum cleaners with highly efficient and high-speed motor drives, with optimized battery life and low audible noise.
View Design (;245288333;t? )
[ HEV/EV battery management block diagram ] (;245288333;s? ) Drive your BMS farther, safer, longer (;245288333;s? ) Design your HEV/EV battery management system with us for accurate monitoring and robust communication. Find reference designs and ICs you need in our interactive system block diagram to get started.
View Design (;245288333;s? )
[ Inverter Design Block Diagram ] (;245288333;p? ) Optimize and protect inverter designs (;245288333;p? ) Find the reference designs and ICs you need to design traction inverter systems with robust protection, optimized efficiency and fast detection times with our block diagram broken down by subsystem.
View Design (;245288333;p? )
[ Onboard Chargers Block Diagram ] (;245288333;v? ) Efficient and precise onboard chargers (;245288333;v? ) (;245288333;v? ) (;245288333;v? ) Design safer, higher performance onboard chargers while protecting power switches and enabling fast system shutdown with our reference designs and complementary ICs.
View Design (;245288333;v? )
[ Smart Home Audio Block Diagram ] (;245288333;p? ) SIMPLIFY SMART HOME AUDIO
Seamlessly integrate your high quality audio with noise reduction and echo cancellation in IP network cameras. Find ICs and reference designs.
View Design (;245288333;p? )
[ Servo Motor Block Diagram ] (;245288333;v? ) Take control of your servo motors (;245288333;v? ) Create servo drive control modules for precise, smooth and efficient control of servo motors. Real-time control, powerful processing, precise analog signal chain and robust transceivers help run fast-control algorithms and encoder interfaces.
View Design (;245288333;v? )
[ AC Charging Station Block Diagram ] (;245288333;s? ) AC charging (pile) station design resources (;245288333;s? ) Solve AC charging station design challenges with our interactive reference diagram featuring innovative products, reference designs, white papers, videos and more. We have the right ingredients to fit your subsystem design needs.
View Design (;245288333;s? )
[ Smart Display Block Diagram ] (;245288333;r? ) See the difference: smart display design resources (;245288333;r? ) Let us help you create an innovative, differentiated smart display design with high-resolution display, excellent audio quality, interactive user interface and low power consumption.
View Design (;245288333;r? )
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