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Dear LibrePlanet visitor,
**[Listen to the LibrePlanet 2020: Free the Future audio
Looking for some audio entertainment to get you through a slow
afternoon, or to accompany you on a walk through the park?
[LibrePlanet 2020: Free the Future][1] sessions are now available as
audio files! We have uploaded them in conjunction with an RSS feed you
can import into your favorite podcasting app or RSS reader, enabling
you to discover new talks and catch all of the ones that you might
have missed using a free podcast app like [AntennaPod][2] via Android,
or [gPodder][3], if you are on your desktop computer.
As of today, the videos and slides, and audio from LibrePlanet: Free
the Future sessions are available in the [LibrePlanet archives][4], a
treasure trove of shareable talks and panels from past years of the
annual conference on current issues in ethics, social justice, and
The [LibrePlanet 2020 program page][5] has links to all recorded
videos, audio, and the accompanying slides. For more information about
the sessions, particularly how the Free Software Foundation (FSF) tech team was able to transform
a popular in-person conference to a fully livestreamed event using
only free software, visit our page on the [LibrePlanet wiki][6] or
read our detailed blog post, ["How to livestream a conference in just
under a week."][7]
We publish our recordings through [GNU MediaGoblin][8], which ensures
you can watch and listen to them without proprietary software. As with
everything we do, we're putting the freedom of our supporters above
all of our other concerns, meaning we do not benefit from the built-in
promotional tools or analytics of (dis)services like YouTube, which
require users to run nonfree JavaScript. As such, we're relying on you
to help us spread the LibrePlanet recordings far and wide, so please
share them.
If you would like to help us transcribe the 2020 sessions to open
up the conference to a wider audience, we created [a page on the
LibrePlanet wiki][9].
Zoë Kooyman
Program Manager
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Subject: LibrePlanet 2020 audio now available online
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