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Let's blog: A few inches can make all the difference!

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12th of June, 2019, by Photodynamx

A few inches can make all the difference!

In this blog I will deal with the subject of composition of a photograph, or to be more precise, how the main subject of your photograph is placed in relation to its surrounding or background setting.As the title of this blog... Read more...

22nd of February, 2019, by Rbrucew

Zero to 9,000 in Four and a Half Years

Way back in time, around four and a half years ago, I joined Dreamstime and tentatively started uploading photos. This was my first upload:It`s Sunday swimmers and their pet... Read more...

13th of June, 2019, by Artistashmita

Do you need Lightroom or Photoshop? Here's how you know

Lightroom VS PhotoshopSo they are both image editing software in the end, but what differences put Photoshop and Lightroom on different tables? And how do you know which one you need? Do you need one or... Read more...

14th of June, 2019, by Artistashmita

How to Pick a Camera Tripod

Just like we need a chair to spend some grilling hours at office, your camera needs a tripod to keep itself stable at times. Not only the camera, but a tripod is needed for resting your flashes, reflectors, umbrellas etc. Please note... Read more...

16th of May, 2019, by Amitai

10 tips for The Casual Nature Photographer

I really envy the pros. Going to remote places, using the best gear, capturing rare animals, one of a kind indigenous tribal rituals, or amazing light over a distant glacier, isolated island or rural arid deserts.While I won'... Read more...

30th of March, 2019, by Mcardleh

A good first lesson as A Buyer of stock photography

My first introduction to the world of stock photography was as a buyer. And as such, I made some early and important realizations about keywording before I became a contributor. Understand... Read more...


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