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Dear John,

Next week Donald Trump is coming to the UK. [1] He’ll be meeting with UK government officials behind closed doors. [2] And with Brexit on the horizon, you can bet a US-UK trade deal will be top of the agenda.

Trump’s made it clear - he wants a fast trade deal with the UK. This could mean our NHS paying more for vital medicines, the UK signing up to lower animal welfare standards and chicken that’s been dunked in chlorine ending up on our kitchen tables. [3]

With Trump arriving soon, we haven’t got long. But together, we could send him, and UK officials, a clear message: the British public won’t allow our NHS, food and animal welfare standards to be put at risk. We could use the visit to shine a spotlight on his dodgy trade deal - and help put the brakes on.

John, the first step is to say you’ll be part of the campaign. Will you join the campaign against a trade deal with Trump, which hurts our NHS and sacrifices the quality of our food? It only takes 1 click:



Here’s what the campaign says:

To: The Government

We, the British public, won’t stand for bad trade deals with Donald Trump’s America that force our NHS to pay more for life-saving medicines, sacrifice our animal welfare standards or the quality of our food.

Trump’s arriving in a matter of days. Will you be part of the campaign against trade deals which put our NHS and food standards at risk?



Thanks for everything you do,

Safiah, Jess, Ellie and the 38 Degrees team


[1] BBC News: Donald Trump UK visit: All you need to know:

[2] BBC: Trump's UK visit: Everything we know:

[3] The US Trade Representative, which is responsible for negotiating trade deals on behalf of the USA, set out its priorities for future trade deals with the UK:

United States-United Kingdom Negotiations: Summary of Specific Negotiating Objectives:
negotiations: Summary of Specific Negotiating Objectives:

The Mirror: Post-Brexit US trade deal could allow big firms to ‘run riot’ in the NHS:

The Independent: Post-Brexit US trade demands would bring in chlorinated chicken and ramp up NHS drug costs MPs warn:

Here are some examples of how the American healthcare system is run and what American companies might try to change in a US-UK trade deal:

The Independent: Theresa May stokes fears NHS 'for sale' in post-Brexit US trade deal after refusing to rule it out of Trump talks:

The Atlantic: Even the insured often can't afford their medical bills:

Huffington Post: The high cost of prescription drugs in the United States:

The Washington Post: Ambulance trips can leave you with surprising - and very expensive - bills (paywall):

The Independent: Theresa May stokes fears NHS 'for sale' in post-Brexit US trade deal after refusing to rule it out of Trump talks:

The Independent: Brexit: UK trade deal with US could trigger 'break-up' of NHS, leading expert warns:

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