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​Launch websites on time with GatherContent:
Whether content is late, structured differently to the design or lost in email threads - content always gets the blame for website project delays. Now you can use GatherContent to organise and produce website content without the chaos. See how you can streamline your website content production process - try a free 30 day trial! - AD
Ethics in User Experience Design:
Every product we make (including web sites) has an impact on our customer's lives. With that knowledge comes the need for ethics. This article encourages to ask ourselves if our products have a positive net impact on people, and how we can prevent ethical problems that may arise.
Photoshop Etiquette: A PS Workflow Guide for Designers:
Working with others is always a bit of a hassle. Working with others on long, convoluted Photoshop files full of textures, buttons, text, and so on is another matter altogether. You need a well-defined workflow to avoid confusion, and Hongkiat has you covered.
Now more than ever, individuals and businesses alike are looking for ways to protect their information. Encryption is a great way to do it, but it tends to be complicated. Seald aims to remove the complications from the encryption process. It can encrypt files on your computer, or messages sent through your browser, in any input field.
Get Lifetime Access to SitePoint Premium:
With a Lifetime Membership to SitePoint Premium, you'll get all the education you could get access to one of the best resource libraries for Web developers, designers and programmers. Through thousands of books, videos, tutorials and screencasts, you can learn to master topics from HTML to PHP to Design & UX. See the deal
How to Secure Your Web App with HTTP Headers:
Meanwhile, on the dev side of things, Smashing Magazine tells us how to tighten up security in our apps with HTTP response headers. You can use them to make sure confidential resources don't get cached, enforce HTTPs, and more.
7 Design Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Content:
Content can be a finicky thing. It's easy to overlook some glaring mistakes when you're more focused on other aspects of design. Think of this as a pre-flight checklist that will reduce the number of changes you need to make on-the-fly after launch.
How to use space in UI Design:
The way you space things out is one of the most important aspects of design. Good spacing can make the difference between a site that makes sense and a cluttered mess. The Prototypr blog takes us through the various kinds of space you find in web design, and how best to use them.
What Every Web Designer Needs to Know About HTML Tables:
Maybe you haven't touched tables in so long, you've forgotten how they work. Maybe you came to web design after they pretty much died off. In either case, they're still the best way to present tabular data, and here's everything you need to get started. Tables: they're no good for layout, but they still have a use.
Iteration is not design:
Todd Olson examines how designers get caught up in the process of iterative thinking, while neglecting other aspects of design. Iteration is an important part of the design process, but it's not the solution to every problem. This article does a great job of demonstrating the problems iteration can help you to solve, and which ones it can't.
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