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The Democratic Party
Do you know what a "Kansas City Shuffle" is?
It's a confidence scam that relies on sleight of hand and
misdirection to distract people from seeing what's really
going on -- and that's exactly what Republicans in Congress
are trying to pull over on the American people today.
As Donald Trump captures the spotlight every single day, his
cronies Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are waiting in the
shadows, biding their time for the right moment to turn
their party's agenda into laws that hurt hardworking
American families. We're seeing it right now with their
latest health care scheme.
The way we stop them is by winning elections. We have a real
opportunity to take back a seat in the Senate this December
in Alabama, where Doug Jones -- a lifelong fighter for
middle-class Democratic values -- is running to take over
Jeff Sessions' vacant Senate seat.
Winning this race means having another voice in the Senate
to fight back against Trump and sending a message to the
entire Republican Party that Democrats can win anywhere.
That's the exact kind of momentum Democrats need to give our
candidates the boost needed to mobilize and win in
Let's use our grassroots power to show Doug Jones and
Democrats running in Alabama and across the country we have
their backs -- pitch in $3 or more today to split a
donation between Doug's campaign and the DNC:
Thank you,
Tom Perez
Democratic National Committee
Paid for by the Democratic National Committee,, 430 South Capitol Street SE, Washington DC 20003 and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. Contributions or gifts to the Democratic National Committee are not tax deductible.
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