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SPAM: I give you one chance - !2Test

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I know your pass is: !2Test
Because I infected you with a malware (RAT) / (Remote Administration Tool), some time ago and since then, I have been observing your actions.
The malware gave me full access and control over your system, meaning, I can see everything on your screen, turn on your camera or microphone and you won't even notice about it, yes such things exist, you can google it!
I have also access to all your contacts, I collected everything private from you, pictures, videos, everything!
Then I removed the malware again, right now it's no longer on your computer.
I can send the videos to all your contacts (email, social network) and publish all your private stuff everywhere!
You can prevent me from doing this!
Transfer exactly: 1600$ with the current bitcoin (BTC) price to my bitcoin address.
If you don't know how to get bitcoin, Google - "How to buy Bitcoin", it's very simple for example with credit card.
The wallet to receive and send bitcoins you can create here:
My bitcoin adress is: 1F73edsje5GbjqybTgKAesWfihvp4Q59Eq
Copy and paste my adress - it's (cAsE-sensitive).
You know this all isn't a joke, you got the proof above!
I think it's a very good price compared to the damage and hell it can bring into your life!
I give you few days time to get the bitcoins and pay, don't wait too long!
After receiving the payment, I will delete everything from you and you can life your live in peace like before.
Next time update your browser and scan files before open them on:, or you can analyse them here:
Don't share this email with anyone, this should stay our little secret!


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