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How Netflix Sent the Biggest Media Companies into a Frenzy, and Why Netflix Thinks Some Are Getting It Wrong. ‘Jurassic Park,’ ‘Last Action Hero,’ and the Meta-Blockbuster.
Instagram Influencers Are Driving Luxury Hotels Crazy
Hotels are being forced to figure out how to work with a new class of brand-peddling marketers.
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55+ Email Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Know
Your emails influence how intelligent, trustworthy, and conscientious you seem. Don't make a bad impression -- make sure you're following these rules.
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George Lucas Reveals His Plan for Star Wars 7 Through 9—and It Was Awful
Compared to this, Rian Johnson saved your childhood.
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Here’s to the Dads: A Letter to Fathers
Here’s to the dads lifting weights and the ones pulling their own weight. Here’s to the dads who lie awake at night wondering how they’ll get their family to the end of the month before they get to the end of the money.
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‘Jurassic Park,’ ‘Last Action Hero,’ and the Meta-Blockbuster
Twenty-five years ago, two films did battle at the summer box office. The one about dinosaurs rendered the Arnold Schwarzenegger nearly extinct. But how do Steven Spielberg and John McTiernan’s high-concept popcorn movies play today?
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What Did Max Weber Mean by the ‘Spirit’ of Capitalism?
The blinkered pro­fessional ethic was common to entrepreneurs and an increasingly high-wage, skilled labour force, and it was this combination that produced a situation where the ‘highest good’ was the making of money and ever more money, without any limit.
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How to Fight Amazon (Before You Turn 29)
Lina Khan has a novel theory about monopolies—and her sights are set squarely on the company.
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How Russia Won the World Cup
Princes, prime ministers and presidents were sent to boost bids from competing nations – but Fifa was playing its own game.
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How Netflix Sent the Biggest Media Companies into a Frenzy, and Why Netflix Thinks Some Are Getting It Wrong
But executives at most traditional media companies agree that Netflix, if not directly responsible, is at least holding the murder weapon. The 21-year-old company that was once best known for killing DVD rental giant Blockbuster has pivoted its entire business around the idea that streaming video delivered over the internet will replace the linear TV.
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