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Are Tattoos Finally Becoming Uncool? Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Crackpot Theories’ on How Moviegoing Has Changed.
Reading in the Age of Constant Distraction
Horizontal reading rules the day. What I do when I look at Twitter is less akin to reading a book than to the encounter I have with a recipe’s instructions or the fine print of a receipt: I’m taking in information, not enlightenment.
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Who Says You Can’t Have It All? Stylish and Durable Furniture From Joybird.
Timeless furniture with your own unique spin. Turn your ideas into reality with hundreds of styles and options + an exclusive 30% off starting today!
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How the Internet Was Invented
The internet is so vast and formless that it’s hard to imagine it being invented. It’s easy to picture Thomas Edison inventing the lightbulb, because a lightbulb is easy to visualize.
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When Wall Street Is Your Landlord
With help from the federal government, institutional investors became major players in the rental market. They promised to return profits to their investors and convenience to their tenants. Investors are happy. Tenants are not.
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The Uphill Battles of Black Talent Agents in Hollywood
Pushes for greater diversity onscreen have been mirrored in some Hollywood corridors of power with varying degrees of effort and success. But the number of partners and department heads of color at talent agencies, those hypercompetitive firms where careers traditionally start in mailrooms or assistants’ pools, remains vanishingly low.
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Everyone’s Running — And That Could Be Dangerous For The Democrats
When the field gets big, the primaries get weird.
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The Cost of Apple News
Apple News has grown to be a major force in publishing, at least in terms of traffic. According to a New York Times story that Apple cooperated with, the service “is read regularly by roughly 90 million people.” That has translated into traffic for news publishers that, according to Slate, often outpaces Facebook post-last January’s algorithm change.
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Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Crackpot Theories’ on How Moviegoing Has Changed
The director discusses his newest film, High Flying Bird, the allure of Netflix, and why his version of the Oscars wouldn’t be televised.
The Caviar Con
When caviar-crazed Eastern Europeans flocked to Warsaw, Missouri to poach eggs from a vulnerable species of fish, federal agents went undercover and spent two years to build case against them.
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At Arm’s Length: Are Tattoos Finally Becoming Uncool?
From Adam Levine at the Super Bowl to Justin Bieber’s Vogue shoot, tattoos are having a fashion moment. But that may not make them more sought-after.
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