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Good Afternoon
26 Sep 2017
First of all, I ask for your apology if my email disturbs you.
My name is Paula iLAN (MSS). I was instructed to email the following to you by my superior, Senior Partner/Associates (HFW Int'l firm).
PURPOSE OF CONTACT: Without elaboration, I beseech your sincerity to a role of sole Proprietorship/Trustee to sufficient amount. "The figure will be revealed upon your response."
You will invest the amount between 5 to 10 years while the Dividend/ Profit Margin is split between us.
SOURCE OF FUNDS/MONEY: To date, I had successfully brokered a Safe Keeping and Deposit Management of a substantial amount for High Profile client (PRIVATE/PUBLIC FREE) around the globe. My simple goal is to entrust a certain client deposit contract amount to your care for a quick investment turn around while counting on you for a return of the principal amount before our client demand contract due date.
I am willing to share gains of such investment between you and me on an equal ratio.
Above all, I ask that our discussion is kept absolutely private and also non-public.
Thank you as I anticipate a quick response from you, please note that your information was supplied to me by an Internet Business Archives Consultant.
Lastly, be informed this is not a hoax.
Respectfully submitted,
Paula iLAN Secretary to:
Senior Partner/Associates (HFW)


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