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May 2016
1. MyCollections App2. New, Online XQuery 3.1 Training1. MyCollections AppYour collections at your finger tips - anytime, anywhereFinally, it's fun and easy to keep track of your CDs, books, watches, wish lists, and other collections with Altova MyCollections. We searched in vain for a great app to catalog and collections easily, and when we simply couldn't find one, we built it ourselves!The MyCollections app lets you catalog any collection whatsoever - whether it's comprised of actual objects like books, CDs, watches, or camping equipment - or if it's your favorite places to visit, your great-hikes bucket list, or your birthday wish list. Keep the information for yourself, or share with friends.  MyCollections Features:Built-in templates for CDs, books, wine, artwork, clothing, and moreCustomize the built in templates, or create your own to suit the needs of any collectionSelect from sophisticated display/reporting options: lists, tables, computed summary fields, etc.Add photos, descriptions, links, Wikipedia information, and more, to your collection itemsEasily search for and find your items Sync your collections between devices of any typeShare some or all of your collections with friendsLend or sell collection items to your friends  Get Altova MyCollections nowSearch your favorite app store for "Altova MyCollections" or use the links below to get the app for one or all of your devices.      
Built with MobileTogetherAfter exploring MyCollections, you'll get a feel for the the level of sophistication and functionality you can achieve by using MobileTogether for app development. We built both the app UI and back-end server logic at once in MobileTogether Designer, and then generated native apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 8 & 10 - all from that single design.  2. New, Online XQuery 3.1 TrainingWe're excited to announce the latest offering from Altova Online Training: an on-demand XQuery course for beginners and seasoned developers alike.Our new XQuery 3.1 Tutorial and Training Course is available online, and you don't need to sign up or pay to complete it. Simply work through the chapters as your schedule allows, and get ready to learn everything you ever wanted to know about developing effective XQuery expressions.
A continuation of our popular XPath Training, the XQuery course starts by exploring FLOWR expressions, then moves on to Constructors, and finally explores support for consuming JSON data in XQuery 3.1, as well as new functionality in XQuery 3.1. XQuery fundamentals including every clause, variable, condition, and constructor are explained in detail, with helpful illustrations and code samples that demonstrate XQuery in action. Notes from real-world developers throughout the course help further explain usage of each aspect.   Unlike other XQuery training courses, this class doesn't stop at providing only the simplest of examples. As you work through the course, examples increase in complexity and sophistication, so you learn about real-world implementation at a reasonable pace. This is the first and only XQuery Training of its kind - don't miss it!    
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