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Northwestern University’s MS in Information Design and Strategy:
Earn your master's in Information Design and Strategy online from Northwestern University and learn how to blend digital skills like information architecture and experience design with branding and messaging, translate data into compelling visual forms and narratives, and understand how research and analytics can drive communication strategies and tactics. - AD
What’s New in Sketch 44:
In a few short years Sketch has become one of UI design’s primary tools. It’s probably the biggest challenger to Adobe’s crown, and a new version has just been released. In this 5 minute read, Isaac Minogue walks us through the most exciting new feature: responsive grids.
Microsoft’s Fluent Design:
Another week, another design language. The latest to throw its hat into the ring is Microsoft. Following in the footsteps of almost every tech company from Google to AirBnB, Microsoft are releasing a design system for the masses. Expect devotees to pontificate wildly on its merits…until the next big trend.
The AI Playbook:
AI is everywhere. Or perhaps more accurately, machine learning is everywhere. This in-depth playbook has been written as a “Chapter 0” for AI developers. Learn the terms, concepts, and complexities of artificial intelligence, before you embark on coding for this exciting field.
Apple’s New Campus:
Widely seen as the last project Steve Jobs worked on, the new Apple HQ in Cupertino is nearing completion. Wired take an exclusive look at how the complex is coming together, and how its concepts will influence Apple’s tech products, from phones to desktops, for decades to come.
LAST DAY: Remove Image Backgrounds with the NEW PhotoScissors v3:
The incredible PhotoScissors app is fast, simple and with just a few mouse clicks, you can have a beautifully cut out image in under two minutes. It works on any image size and can handle even the toughest, most-complex backgrounds you toss at it. And the price? That's been cut too! Today is your last chance to get 50% off the regular price of the new PhotoScissors v3. Even if already have version 2, you'll find that version 3 is certainly worth upgrading to. See the video
Should You Build a Bot?:
Should we build a bot? It’s the question thousands of companies worldwide are asking themselves. This fun bot will help you work out the answer. Ask “Kevin” anything, but don’t be surprised if the answer is less than you expected. The moral? If you are going to build a bot, don’t make it like Kevin.
Online Compiler:
Not all programmers like working on a bank of screens with thousands of lines of code visible at once; some prefer to code on their mobile device. With a compiler and IDE for 23 programming languages, if you like coding on the go, Online Compiler could be for you.
Screen Sharing Comes to Slack:
Slack has become an indispensable tool for businesses worldwide, but until now Slack video calls lacked one thing: the ability to screen share. That’s all changed with the introduction of sharing so that documents, code snippets, or design revisions can easily be presented and discussed.
The Conference Site Design:
The Conference 2017 is a digital conference to be held in Malmö, Sweden, this September. The promotional site for the conference features a brave design that takes a step away from current design trends and delivers an original experience. It’s surely a contender for site of the year so far.
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