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Posted 1 hour ago by Matheew Lynley (@mattlynley)
Mark took this when he invented Facebook
In a recent interview, Mark comes clean that him and his friends were using this to increase their focus, energy levels, and brainpower
He took these pills and his iq increased over 240
But whatEdward Is it altogether prudent to multiply operations of this character t it make for you a bad reputationand thus diminishinstead of increasingyour custom I fear nothing of the kindOnehalf the people are not satisfied unless you cheat themIve handled the yardstickoff and onfor the last fifteen or twenty yearsand I think my observation during that time is worth somethingIt tells me thisthat a bold facea smooth tongueand an easy conscience are worth more in our business than any other qualitiesWith these you may do as you listThey tell far better than all the oneprice and fairdealing professionsin which people have little faithIn factthe mass will overreach if they canand therefore regard these honest assumptions with suspicion. The young manEdward Clairedid not make a reply for nearly a minuteSomething in the words of MrJasper had fixed his thoughtand left himfor a brief space of timeabsorbed in his own reflections. Liftingat lengthhis eyeswhich had been resting on the floor
he said Our profit on todays sales must reach very nearly fifty s. Just that sumif I have made a right estimatereplied Jasper and that is what I call a fair days business. While he was yet speakinga lad entered the storeand laid upon the counter a small sealed packagebearing the superscriptionLeonard JasperEsqThe merchant cut the red tape with which it was tiedbroke the sealand opening the packagetook therefrom several papersover which he ran his eyes hurriedly his clerkas he did soturning away. Whats this muttered Jasper to himselfnot at first clearly comprehending the nature of the business to which the communication relatedExecutor To what Oh ah Estate of Ruben ElderHumph What possessed him to trouble me with this business Ive no time to play executor to an estatethe whole proceeds of which would ly fill my trousers pocketHe was a thriftless fellow at bestand never could more than keep his head out of waterHis debts will swallow up every thingof coursesaving my commissionswhich I
would gladly throw in to be rid of this business. With thisJasper tossed the papers into his deskandtaking up his hatsaid to his clerkYou may shut the storeEdwardBefore you leavesee that every thing is made safe. The merchant than retiredand wended his way homeward. Edward Claire seemed in no hurry to follow this exampleHis first act was to close the dowshutters and doorturning the key in the latterand remaining inside. Entirely aloneand hidden from observationthe young man seated himselfand let his thoughtswhich seemed to be active on some subjecttake their own wayHe was soon entirely absorbedWhatever were his thoughtsone thing would have been apparent to an observerthey did not run in a quiet streamSomething disturbed their currentfor his brow was knithis compressed lips had a disturbed motionand his hands moved about at times uneasilyAt length he arosenot hurriedlybut with a deliberate motionthrew his arms behind himandbending forwardwith his eyes cast downpaced the length of th
e store two or three timesbackward and forwardslowly. Fifty s profit in one dayhe at length saidhalf audiblyThat will docertainlyId be contented with a tenth part of the sumHes bound to get rich thats plainFifty s in a single day Leonard Jasperyoure a shrewd oneI shall have to lay aside some of my oldfashioned squeamishnessand take a few lessons from so accomplished a teacherButhes a downright cheat Some better thought had swept suddenlyin a gleam of lightacross the young mans mindshog him the true nature of the principles from which the merchant actedandfor the momentcausing his whole nature to revolt against themBut the light faded slowly a state of darkness and confusion followedand then the old current of thought moved on as before.
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