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SPAM: A Brand New Altova Web Site, Useful How-Tos, and More

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News about the Altova web site and
News about the Altova web site and
more News about the Altova web site and
New Year,
New Web Site!
News about the Altova web site and
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January 2013
Happy New Year!
We'd like to wish you and yours a joyous and prosperous 2013. We hope
you enjoy this month's newsletter, which includes some exciting news
about the Altova Web site and two helpful how-to articles addressing
common number format issues and a clever way to use DatabaseSpy.
. 1. Totally New
Altova Web Site
. 2. Altova
MissionKit Solves a Number Format Mystery
. 3. A Relational
View of the PMBOK
Totally New Altova Web Site
We are so excited to announce the launch of our new, improved,
completely redesigned Web site! We hope you'll find the new
cleaner, simpler, and more beautiful
than ever.
Altova Web
Our most important goal for this redesign was to make the site easier to
navigate so that you can find exactly what you're looking for quickly,
whether that's Product
information, Support
resources, or technical reference materials
At the same time, we hope the new site will help you discover a little
something you didn't know about Altova - something that can help you in
your day-to-day work. For instance, did you know that we have a
comprehensive line of Database Tools
in addition to the
XML Tools and Developer
Tools that we're
known for? And did you know that, in addition to our comprehensive
product documentation
, we offer on-demand technology and product training
to help you get started with
projects ranging from basic to quite advanced?
Altova Online Training
As always, we're looking for your input to make this site the best it
can possibly be. Please contact our Marketing team
with any feedback!
Altova MissionKit Solves a Number Format Mystery
Every time you receive data from an outside source, there is a chance it
won't arrive in the form you expect. This can require special
accommodations for the rare and unlikely to make a real-world data
mapping and transformation solution robust and reliable. Luckily Altova
MissionKit tools have lots of functionality to help you adapt to every
For instance, we recently created a MapForce mapping project
that consumed elevation data from a
Web service to help refine information tracked by GPS devices.
Everything was working as planned until some data arrived in a new
format and caused the mapping to fail.
Read on
to learn how we troubleshot the
problem and ultimately solved it using a combination of two MissionKit
tools: XMLSpy and MapForce.
user defined
User-defined functions in MapForce help you adapt to changing data
A Relational View of the PMBOK
Since Altova MetaTeam is a
powerful project management tool designed to support standards and
methodologies, we encourage our team members to be certified as Project
Management Professionals (PMP). Anyone familiar with the PMP
certification process knows this is no easy feat. The Project Management
Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), the leading project management standard, is a
long, complex document containing a staggering amount of
critical-to-know information that can be difficult to navigate and
cross-reference. Fortunately, the content is linked in some very
relationally-oriented ways.
To help make studying more efficient, we created an in-house tool for
working with the PMBOK using, you guessed it, DatabaseSpy
Check out the article
to learn how DatabaseSpy helped it
all come together. You can access the database we created, too.
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